The HHD Packer and Hydraulic Anchor

Date: 02 Sep 2009
HHD Packer The HHD Packer is a full opening, versatile, long pot life packer, it is hook wall type and can isolate dual zone pressure for use in DST testing, treating, squeeze cementing, acidizing, fracturing, water injecting, cementing plug. Full opening permits pumping large volumes of fluid under a minimum pressure drop, and allows the passing of a perforating gun of casing. Therefore, HHD Packer can fulfill multiple operations in a single trip of running in. Generally, the HHD packer and HHD circulating valve are used together, and an HHD safety joint can be used ,too. This sort of packers of each size all includes a J-slot indexing mechanism, mechanical slip, packer rubber and hydraulic hold-down mechanism. The hydraulic hold-down mechanism can prevent the tool from being pumped up the hole while the pressure is extremely high at the bottom of the packer. These packers are fitted with drag block and automatic J-slot sleeve. This type of packer is available in sizes of 5″, 51/2″, 7″and 95/8″. When the pressure of the fluid column is higher than downhole formation pressure, the hydraulic hold-down mechanism of HHD Packer can be removed, and replaced by corresponding testing joint, this way, it may be refitted into HHD Testing Packer of the same size. Hydraulic Anchor Hydraulic Anchor is a device preventing well from high inner pressure and the string inside the well from up moving. Install the hydraulic anchor on the string, when the pressure inside well is high, the fluid inside the well raises the hydraulic anchor fluke up to engage the wall of casing with the insert on the fluke, avoiding upward moving of the string for high inner pressure. It is composed of: 1. Hydraulic anchor body: steel body to install hydraulic anchor fluke. 2. Anchor fluke: spare part to engage hydraulic anchor in the wall of casing. 3. Spring: spring up and back the anchor fluke. 4. Stabilizer lug: Press the anchor fluke in hydraulic anchor body by spring, normally, the surface of anchor fluke is lower than anchor body’s. While running into a hole with high inner pressure, the fluid inside the well push anchor fluke to compress spring engaging the wall of casing.

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