Date: 30 Jun 2009
  This packer contains the setting mechanism, the sealing mechanism, the latch mechanism, the anchor mechanism, the releasing mechanism and the unsetting mechanism, among which the setting mechanism and the releasing mechanism are so expertly coupled up as to make the packer simple and convenient. When running, pressure up on the tubing, then hydraulic pressure drives the piston down to compress the rubber tube, and at the same time pushes the upper cone to open the slips and anchor it onto the casing; The locking ring enters into the lock sleeve to prevent the uncured tube snapping back. The packer is set until the hydraulic pressure reaches the designed pressure difference. After set, the tubing continues to be pressurized, and pushes the releasing sleeve down to release the ratchet, then the tubing pressure suddenly declines so as to accomplish releasing. Also pick up the tubing to original suspending weight, and release with right-hand rotation.
     When unsetting, run the fishing tool to fish the central tube, pick up the tubing while the central tube of the packer moves upward along with the tubing, and then the latch mechanism is out of work with the unseating pins sheared. The rubber tube is self-reconverted off compressure. The central tube pulls the cone upward and forces the slips to be retrieved so as to accomplish unsetting.
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