XYMF-8808-B Carbonized fiber packing

Date: 25 Jan 2010

make the polyacrylonitrile-based fiber into carbonized fiber through high-temperature oxidation, and processed by PTFE with graphite grains on surface.

this product is an ideal substitute for asbestos PTFE packing, it is very suitable for blower, fan and others, and it can be applied in dynamic sealing sections with weak acid or base media or media with a few solid particles.

It has small coefficient of friction ( u=0.3 ) , well self lubrication, and it can save energy consumption and reduce the damage to counterpart to prolong its service life.

It has well heat conductivity, near the one of metal ( 10 ~ 20kcal ) , when it is used to the dynamic sealing part with high speed, It can conduct the heat of fabrication out. Therefore, it can avoid the burning of material caused by accumulated heat to prolong its service life, and lower the requirement for cooling of sealing sections.

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